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The following reading list attempts to achieve a balance between the older classical books and modern expositions:

  • Bilimoria, E. D. The Snake and the Rope: Problems in Western Science Resolved by Occult Science (TPH 2006)
  • Birch, Charles and John B. Cobb, Jr. The Liberation of Life: From the Cell to the Community (Cambridge University Press 1981)
  • Birch, Charles On Purpose (New South Wales University Press 1990)
  • Birch, Charles Feelings (UNSW Press 1995)
  • Bohm, David Wholeness and the Implicate Order (Routledge & Kegan Paul 1980)
  • Bohm, David and F. David Peat Science, Order and Creativity (Routledge 2000)
  • Bohm, David The Essential David Bohm (Routledge 2003)
  • Capra, Fritjof The Turning Point: Science, Society and the Rising Culture (Simon & Schuster 1982)
  • Capra, Fritjof The Tao of Physics (Shambhala 1975)
  • Capra, Fritjof & David Steindtl-Rast Belonging to the Universe: New Thinking about God and Nature (Penguin 1992)
  • Cobb, John B. Jr & David Ray Griffin Mind in Nature: Essays on the Interface of Science and Philosophy (University Press of America 1978)
  • Cremo, Michael A. & Richard L. Thompson The Hidden History of the Human Race (Bhaktivedanta Book Publishing 1999)
  • Davies, Paul The Mind of God: Science and the Search for Ultimate (Simon & Schuster 1992)
  • Davies, Paul The Cosmic Blueprint: Order and Complexity at the Edge of Chaos (Penguin 1995)
  • Davies, Paul The Matter Myth: Dramatic Discoveries That Challenge Our Understanding of Physical Reality (Simon & Schuster 1992)
  • Dobbs, B. J. T. The Foundations of Newton’s Alchemy or The Hunting of the Greene Lyon (Cambridge University Press 1975/1983)
  • Dusek, V. The Holistic Inspirations of Physics. The Underground History of Electromagnetic Theory (Rutgers University Press 1999)
  • Ellison, Arthur The Reality of the Paranormal (Harrap 1988)
  • Ferris, T. The Mind’s Sky: Human Intelligence in a Cosmic Context (Bantam 1993)
  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama The Universe In A Single Atom – How Science and Spirituality Can Serve Our World (Little, Brown 2005)
  • Goswami , Amit The Self-Aware Unvierse: How Consciousness Creates the Material World (Simon & Schuster 1993)
  • Goswami , Amit Physics of the Soul: The Quantum Book of Living, Dying, Reincarnation and Immortality (Hampton Roads 2001)
  • Goswami , Amit Creative Evolution: A Physicist’s Quantum Resolution Between Darwinism and Design (Quest 2008)
  • Griffin, D. R., Ed. The Reenchantment Of Science (SUNY Press 1988)
  • Hoyle, F. The Intelligent Universe (Michael Joseph 1983)
  • Kenyon, J. Douglas (Ed.) Forbidden Science: From Ancient Technologies to Free Energy (Bear & Company 2008)
  • Krishna, Padmanabhan Education, Science and Society (TPH Adyar)
  • Laszlo, Ervin E. The Inner Limits of Mankind — Heretical Reflections on Today’s Values, Culture, and Politics (Pergamon Press 1978)
  • Laszlo, Ervin E. Science and the Akashic Field (Inner Traditions 2004/2007)
  • Laszlo, Ervin E. Science and the Reenchantment of the Cosmos (Inner Traditions 2006)
  • Lipton, Bruce The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles (Hay House 2005)
  • Litvak, S. and A. W. Senzee Toward A New Brain: Evolution and the Human Mind (Prentice-Hall 1986)
  • Milner, Dennis Kosmos: An Evolutionary Wholistic Account of Creation (Authors On Line 2006)
  • Nadeau, Robert and Menas Kafatos The Non-Local Universe: The New Physics and Matters of the Mind (Oxford University Press 2001)
  • Pearson, Norman E. Space, Time and Self (TPH Adyar)
  • Phillips, Stephen M. ESP of Quarks and Superstrings (TPH Adyar)
  • Ravindra, Ravi Science and the Sacred (TPH/Quest 2000, 2002)
  • Reanney, Darryl Music of the Mind: An Adventure Into Consciousness (Hill of Content 1994)
  • Robertson, Robin Indra’s Net: Alchemy and Chaos Theory as Models for Transformation (Quest 2009)
  • Roszak, Theodore Unfinished Animal. The Aquarian Frontier and the Evolution of Consciousness (Faber and Faber 1976)
  • Schiff, M. The Memory Of Water: Homoeopathy And The Battle Of Ideas In The New Science (Thorsons 1994)
  • Sheldrake, Rupert Seven Experiments That Could Change the World (Fourth Estate 1994)
  • Sheldrake, Rupert Morphic Resonance: The Nature of Formative Causation (Park Street Press 2009)
  • Smith, Lester E. Intelligence Came First (TPH 1975/1990)
  • Tiller, William A. Science and Human Transformation (Pavior 1997)
  • Wilber, Ken The Atman Project: A Transpersonal View of Human Development (TPH 1980)
  • Wilber, Ken (Ed.) Quantum Questions: Mystical Writings of the World’s Great Scientists (Shambhala 1984/2001)
  • Wilber, Ken (Ed.) The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes (Shambhala 1982)
  • Zukav, Gary The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics (Morrow 1979)


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