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Living the Chakras

Presented by Allan Meers

The Power of Crystals and Essential Oils

Presented by Dee Howard

Unveiling the Mystery: the Inner Life of Krishnamurti

Presented by Stephen MacDonald

The Power of Past Life Regression

Presented by Dr John Webber

Labyrinth Workshop

Presented by Dr Philomena Tan

Introduction to Theosophy and the Theosophical Society & Shining a Light on the TS Library Collection

Presented by Gunnel Watkins, Stephen Fiyalko and Elena Sevdalakis

Significant Astrological Influences  during the period 1929 to 2024

Presented by Edward Sinclair

After Death States - A Theosophical Perspective

Presented by Mike Vallis

Goddess Empowerment: Codes for Everyone

Presented by Athena Gregory

Finding a Connection to our Inner  Goddess

Presented by Gaia's Temple

Cultivating Joy: Where it hides and how to find it.

Presented by Dianne Bellchambers

Exploring the Astral Plane: What happens when we sleep and when we die.

Presented by Diane Bellchambers

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