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Melbourne Lodge

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Inspired Thinking: A Psychological, Spiritual and Theosophical perspective

Zoom session, 1.30 - 3.00 pm, 30 April 2022.

Featured Speaker:Donna Golding
Venue:Melbourne Lodge

Dr Donna Golding 30 April 1.30-3pm Zoom Session

This seminar begins with combining newer Transpersonal Psychological concepts and Theosophical perspectives in the pursuit of acquiring understanding and wise application of thoughts and thought processes. Further, there will be descriptions of the self and individual that thinks, feels, interacts and creates. Progressively, these studies will address more inclusive and spiritual understandings of Self and Life.

Dr Donna Golding. Member TS Vancouver, Canada. Author of two books: Adults', Biographical Accounts of Spiritual Development & Soul Intelligence, Spiritual Development and Intuitive Ways of Knowing.

Dr Golding studied psychology first in Vancouver, Canada and later in Melbourne, Australia, gaining a PhD and specializing in Transpersonal Psychology (states of consciousness, spirituality and the phenomenon of spiritual experiences and development). As a psychologist in Melbourne, she provided counselling, teaching, supervision as well as developed and presented a variety of corporate seminars and workshops. She has been a lecturer in psychology and counselling and a Beyondblue Workplace Trainer. Donna is a published author of two books about Transpersonal (Spiritual) Development that are printed in English and German. In March 2019, Donna returned to her hometown of Vancouver to be closer to family. She registered her Canadian business to work as a Registered Clinical Counsellor, but later decided to resign and offer volunteer work. Her volunteer work includes developing & facilitating seminars at colleges in Greater Vancouver and psychological counselling. She has developed and presented (using Power Point and Zoom) different series of Psychological seminars to enhance the participants’ understanding about these psychological issues and conditions as well as provide strategies to enhance psychological wellbeing in these areas. The sessions are not only informative, but also enjoyable and easy-going. Donna adds theosophy concepts to her seminars for the TS societies.

In conclusion, Donna is 'holistic' in that her foundational studies included physiology, nutrition, health and natural foods and remedies. Later she studied psychology and included and specialised in spirituality as part of human being. Having taken professional courses on hypnosis and altered states of conscious; Donna combines body, mind, soul and spirituality within her approach to life.

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