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Melbourne Lodge

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Getting Unstuck: Freeing ourselves from inner conflicts

Zoom session, 1.30 - 3.00 pm, 21 May 2022.

Featured Speaker:Diane Bellchambers
Venue:Melbourne Lodge

Diane Bellchambers 21 May 1.30-3pm Zoom Session

We all have inner conflicts without necessarily being aware of them. They can exist just below our radar, driving us in powerful ways that can sabotage us from achieving our goals.
This seminar will give you the tools to move forward with intent and purpose.
It will also provide you with…
• A deeper look into the real cause of your inner conflicts
• Skills to work with these conflicts so they do not recur down the track
• A higher understanding as to how they can, if we handle them wisely, lead us closer to the Truth and the best of life.

Diane Bellchambers is Member Adelaide TS Lodge and author of 2 books on the subject of Dreams. Diane has given talks and seminars in Bristol, Birmingham and Edinburgh. She holds workshops in most major Australian cities and conducts online presentations.

Kindly email to [email protected] for Zoom link.


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