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At the Feet of the Master

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an indispensable theosophical classic

At the Feet of the Master by the young J. Krishnamurti (Alcyone) is the third of three guide books to the practice of the deeper spiritual life, each one reflecting different Eastern traditions: though with the same purport.  First in time was Light on the Path 1885 by Mabel Collins, said to be of Egyptian origin. Next came The Voice of the Silence 1891 by H.P. Blavatsky, unmistakably Mahāyāna Buddhist in origin. Then, At the Feet of the Master 1910 which is as though straight from the Vedānta. Published  by The Theosophical Publishing House, and continuously in print for over a century, these three are "intended for the quickening of the evolution of those who are on the Path' (C.W. Leadbeater from Introduction to Light on the Path).


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